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Established in the Ergo, Home and Professional Integration markets , Ergomakers (a branch of  PRANA LIFE COMPANY) has matured into a multi-faceted organization involved in Research & Development, Supply Chain Management and Creative Marketing of products. Ergomakers is a young, creative, supply chain-driven company in China, and do business in over 42 countries. Ergomakers regularly attend trade show exhibitions to meet with customers and analysis in existing and new markets around the world.

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Our goal is to be clients' Eyes, Brain and Industry Experience Consultant

In 2018, due to the restrictions from international policies and environment to our clients, Ergomakers adjusted business strategy and is committed to helping clients looking for a variety of Qualified products, to meet the needs of product diversity. 

-Eyes: Create the effect of live broadcast to know suppliers and products clearly

-Brain: Think for clients, strive for more benefits, and make more wise decisions

-Industry Experience Consultant: Ergomakers’s core employees have worked in the ERGO industry for 8 years, and the service time exceeds 21,700 hours. (10,000 hours Law: From “ordinary” to “extraordinary”, from ordinary people to becoming an expert in a certain field, what you need is 10,000 hours in this field)

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